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About Elite Union Academy

Our ultimate goal at the Elite Union Football Academy is to encourage, support & inspire young players to full-fill their dream of becoming professional footballers at the best level possible that suits their ability & style.

With the right guidance, optimum level of games and most importantly coaching, the individual player will eventually be able to showcase their talent to the footballing world and our many affiliated clubs with the hope of signing that elusive professional contract.

We’ve identified the age range between 16 - 22 years as the golden age of development before they approach first team football.

All our players will be on a different journey and that’s why we provide a vast exposure of games to play and watch from the Premier league, Championship to the U23’s & U18’sPremier Youth leagues.

We have a responsibility to all our players to do everything possible to become the best footballers they can be and we will not stop until each potential is reached.

“Dare to Dream”

“Young talent, all nations, together as one family to create elite footballers"

The Elite Union Academy Team

Bella Italia
Virgin Trains East Coast
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